Acrylic pictures - Modern and expressive

Impressive depth with 3D effect


Today, your most beautiful photos can be affordably presented to everyone as artfully as galleries and museums do. Acrylic glass looks noble, is a high-quality product, very modern, has a radiant expressiveness and is shatterproof. In addition to the crystal-clear, standard acrylic glass, we also offer a matt, non-reflective version. Because a small disadvantage of the crystal clear acrylic glass is the reflection.

The most important thing about acrylic pictures

  • Impressive depth effect
  • Brilliant colors with 3D effect
  • Detailed motifs in high sharpness
  • Lamination on 3 or 6 mm thick acrylic glass
  • Crystal clear or matt acrylic glass
  • NEW: Polished edges
  • Additional stability with 2 mm aluminum dibond back panel
  • Suitable hanging systems
  • Formats 20 x 20 cm to 150 x 300 cm

Elegance and depth

Your photo will be printed on high quality photo paper and mounted on 3 or 6 mm thick acrylic glass. Due to the shatterproof acrylic glass, the photo is optimally protected from UV radiation and thus from fading. The crystal clear surface gives the image an impressive depth effect, elegance and shows sharp details with brilliant, vibrant colors. Due to this brilliance, however, it must be noted that acrylic glass pictures with crystal clear (not matte) acrylic glass can have strong reflections. The acrylic glass pictures look very expressive and get a three-dimensional effect. What used to be affordable only for museums and galleries, can now be admired inexpensively in any living room or office.

The 2 mm thick aluminum composite plate laminated on the back reinforces and stabilizes the acrylic glass picture. The combination of acrylic glass and an aluminum composite panel, with two layers of aluminum and the black plastic layer in between, provides professional stability and torsional rigidity. The acrylic image is splash-proof and can also be cleaned gently.

Crystal clear acrylic pictures


Today, your most beautiful photos can be affordably presented to everyone as artfully as galleries and museums do. Acrylic glass looks noble, is a high-quality product, very modern, has a radiant expressiveness and is shatterproof.

This top product with photos behind acrylic glass has an impressive image depth and excellent sharpness due to 3 mm thick acrylic glass (commonly known as Plexiglas and in professional circles as PMMA) and creates a three-dimensional effect. The 6mm acrylic glass further enhances this effect.

Achieve high-quality professionalism and maximum stability in the professional high-end variant: 6 mm acrylic glass with a 3 mm aluminum composite panel as a protective back. This quality has proven itself in practice to be very high quality and durable and has proven itself very well. Photos behind acrylic glass can be used in many different ways: Generally for interiors such as for the living room, children's room, bedroom, but also for practice or office space. Acrylic glass pictures are also very suitable for museums, galleries, exhibition stand construction, advertising or as decoration.

In addition to the crystal clear, standard acrylic glass, we also offer a matte, non-reflective version. Because a small disadvantage of the crystal clear acrylic glass is the reflection. In very bright rooms, this can lead to an impairment of the image effect. With the matte, anti-reflective acrylic glass, this can be reduced while maintaining almost the same sharpness.

Shadow gap frames


Oak natural

Lime natural


Oak natural oiled

Lime brightening oiled

With a shadow gap frame made of real wood, each acrylic glass picture presents itself even more noble and looks finished.

The acrylic glass pictures each have a 5 mm wide and 6 mm deep shadow gap. The shadow gap frame itself has an outer height of 2 cm. With our practical suspension on the back, you do not need to order an additional suspension such as a blind frame. The suspension is always mounted along with the frame.

The wood of the profile strips of our shadow gap profiles comes from sustainably managed European forests. The profile strips are manufactured and finished in Switzerland. In our factory, the profile strips are cut to size and assembled by hand into a shadow gap frame and screwed to the acrylic glass picture.

Suspension systems

Suspension plates with distance holder

These hanging plates made of aluminum are attached to the back of your acrylic glass picture. For the necessary distance, additional spacers made of clear PVC are attached to the lower side. We recommend this suspension only for smaller pictures.

NOTE: Much more practical than the hanging plates, however, are the hanging rails, because with these the "hangers" are supplied, which can be fixed to the rail, so that the pictures hang stably over the hanging nail.

Basically only recommended for small formats up to 40 x 40 cm!

Suspension rail with distance holder

This aluminum hanging rail can be used for small and medium formats and is attached to the top of the back wall of the acrylic glass picture. Due to the spacers attached at the bottom, the picture hangs beautifully vertically on the wall.

Through this suspension you achieve a noble distance to the wall of 8 mm. Thus, you get an additional depth.

Practical "hangers" which can be fixed to the suspension rail, are included. So you can hang your most beautiful picture stably on the wall.

Basically recommended from 20 x 20 cm to 60 x 60 cm!

Blind frame

For the large formats we recommend the stable and professional variant of the blind frame. A blind frame consists of an aluminum profile and is fixed on the back and equipped with additional hangers. The surrounding blind frame gives your picture additional stability. Thus, even large pictures can be hung effortlessly and without worry. This blind frame is not visible from the front and has a depth of 8 mm on the back. This gives your high-quality acrylic glass picture an additional depth effect.

Interesting facts

In good hands with printolino

We check all image data before printing, free of charge. Only then are all print products printed on high-quality photo papers using an innovative color management system on state-of-the-art 12-color printers with solvent-free pigment ink.

Shipping and collection

The high-quality acrylic glass pictures are safely and securely packed by us and delivered to your home by Swiss Post. With printolino you also always have the option to pick up your images directly from us at Technopark Lucerne, 6039 Root D4.

Acrylic glass pictures for your stylish interior decoration

There are a variety of stores where you can order acrylic glass pictures. However, many companies see themselves primarily as sellers. You want an acrylic glass picture, order it and the provider prints and sends it. However, this often does not produce ideal results. Therefore, it is best to order your acrylic glass pictures at printolino, because we are more than a seller, we are a company that as a service provider really cares about the quality of your acrylic glass pictures.

Do you have a photo that should be given a very special place as your fondest memory? Or would you like to stylishly showcase your best work as a photographer? Whether as a private or business customer, at printolino the world of acrylic glass images opens up to you. We make your photo shine thanks to acrylic glass and give every picture an optical depth that will captivate you.

Photo at the highest level: acrylic glass pictures

If a photo needs to be enhanced in a very special way, we have an ace up our sleeve: Acrylic glass. This glass is also called Plexiglas and is the ideal cover for your pictures. The crystal-clear glass changes the refraction of light in such a way that your image behind it takes on a sense of depth and a new luminosity. For these acrylic pictures, we print your photo on premium paper and seal it behind the acrylic glass. The practical side effect: Under the glass, your photo is best of all protected from environmental influences and lets the decades pass by without a trace.

How do acrylic pictures work?

If you decide for acrylic pictures, the printing of your picture takes place directly behind Plexiglas. The photo on high-quality paper is thus laminated under the acrylic glass and greatly enhanced. As soon as you put up the acrylic pictures or hang them on the wall, the three-dimensional effect will leave you speechless. The image is given an optical depth by the changed light refraction on the plexiglass and therefore becomes particularly noble and an eye-catcher. Acrylic pictures are thereby thoroughly photorealistic and let your picture shine like a work of art in a museum.

Order acrylic glass pictures at printolino

With us you get acrylic glass pictures in Swiss quality and in record time. As a company printolino is established since 2007 in the Technopark Lucerne and produces there individual pictures made to measure. Acrylic pictures are among our most popular products, because they simply make all hearts beat faster as sophisticated decoration for private customers and wonderful exhibits for business customers.

Acrylic pictures bring luminosity and depth effect

Acrylic pictures bring luminosity and depth effect

Acrylic pictures add effective depth to any photo, but that's not all. The plexiglass not only creates a 3D effect, but the photo gains luminosity. Due to the sealing behind the crystal clear glass, every detail of the image is once again enhanced in its effect and therefore emphasized by the light. At this point, caution is advised, because acrylic pictures can only be really successful if the photo print is already pin sharp. If pictures have only been printed in moderate quality, they cannot convince as acrylic pictures. That is why printolino is at your side. We have dedicated professionals working for us, using our color management system for every project. All photos have absolute color fidelity and each picture is personally checked after printing. Therefore, at printolino you never have to worry that your acrylic pictures will not look perfect. Thanks to 12-color printing process and premium paper, we guarantee you stunning photos that will gain even more luminosity and depth as acrylic pictures.

Printolino: acrylic paintings, adhesive posters and much more

We set the highest standards for the products from our house. You can order from us not only acrylic pictures, but also posters and canvas pictures in a variety of sizes. You would like to have multi-part canvas pictures? This is also part of our services. Furthermore, we offer adhesive posters, poster printing for indoor as well as fine art printing. As a company printolino is a service provider with heart. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we are happy to advise you individually on all products. Services such as a mounting service or lamination service are also part of our offer. Visit us at and start planning and realizing your acrylic pictures with printolino today. We are looking forward to you and your project.