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In our studio at Technopark Lucerne in Root, we bring your images to life! We produce your murals in standard or custom formats with colour-calibrated 12-colour plotters, carefully handcrafted and with a lot of heart and soul. This is how we guarantee you individual Swiss custom work in top quality.


We print your most beautiful pictures - At printolino, all image data is checked for quality before printing. This way we can guarantee that you will always receive great images.

Our wall pictures

We guarantee satisfaction with Swiss quality work


We guarantee you individual custom work in top quality.

We produce your wall picture in our studio in Root D4 with modern, colour-calibrated 12-colour plotters. All production steps are carried out by hand by trained specialists with the utmost care.

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Over 15,000 customers trust us from A-Z

Our customer base already includes over 15,000 satisfied customers. You will find only positive feedback about us on the internet. Read them on Google, Facebook or Instagram.

We also look forward to your evaluation and feedback.

Selection of some companies, photographers and institutions that entrust us with their assignments:

ABB Schweiz, AXA Versicherungen AG, Basler Versicherungen, Bataillard AG, Baumann Kölliker AG, Bundesamt für Strassen (Astra), Coop, CSEM SA, Fotoagentur AURA, Frey + Cie Telecom AG, Geistlich Pharma AG, Heineken Switzerland AG, Käserei Andeer, Landesmuseum Zürich, Landi Schweiz AG, Lindt & Sprüngli (Schweiz) AG, Luzerner Zeitung AG, Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG, Migros, Raiffeisenbank, Red Bull, Romano & Christen Architekten, Stanserhorn-Bahn-Gesellschaft, Strabag AG, Strüby Holzbau AG, Syn - Agentur für Gestaltung und Kommunikation GmbH, Vivale AG, Zuckerbrot GmbH, Zürcher Kantonalbank


Let the stunning quality of our Printolino products convince you and visit the showroom in our studio in Root D4.


If you don't know what our images look like and if you would like to see some examples, we invite you to visit our exhibition. During a guided tour you will discover the different features of the products and receive detailed advice on each product. Let yourself be impressed!


Would you like to make an appointment to come by? Then don't hesitate to contact us. This way we are well prepared to make your visit as pleasant and informative as possible. There are plenty of parking spaces available around the D4 Business Center.

Phone +41 41 541 92 92
E-mail info@printolino.ch

Wall pictures from printolino: Best quality for you!

Are you looking for murals for your living and working spaces? Or would you like to appropriately stage your works in your studio as a photographer? printolino is the right contact for both private and business customers when you want to design and order murals.

Wall pictures: Posters and canvas

The most popular wall pictures are posters and canvases. Both categories are represented in great variety at printolino. You can choose a width of up to 1.50 metres for your posters and there are no restrictions on the length. You have read correctly. We print huge murals that will take everyone's breath away just because of their size. If you decide on a canvas, you are also spoilt for choice in this category. printolino offers you individual murals on high-quality canvases, absolutely individual and even multi-part.

Special wall pictures: Adhesive posters, acrylic pictures and more

Our special murals, which stand out even more from the crowd than our other products, are also very popular. Use our adhesive posters to decorate entire doors and walls with your motifs of choice. The high-quality adhesive film is tear and crease resistant and can be repositioned several times without any problems. You can also choose from a large number of substrates for your wall pictures: How about an acrylic picture, for example? You can also choose Dibond and Forex for your murals. In this way, you can give your murals a special finish and at the same time increase the UV resistance and thus the lifespan of your murals.

Best murals thanks to fine art printing

Our recipe for success is based above all on the high quality of all murals that leave our premises in Technopark Lucerne produced on schedule. We use fine art printing to create genuine works of art. The term defines all murals in which the modern possibilities of image optimisation have been used for the presentation. This means that everything, from colour fidelity to contrast design and dynamics, has been perfectly matched. The murals therefore have a premium quality that makes them a high-class decoration. As a service provider, we at printolino always use the 12-colour printing process on a special fine art printer. Almost all formats are possible, so that you can present your motif in an ideal way.

Order murals online

Would you like to order your murals today? Then do so. Visit us daily and around the clock at www.printolino.ch and start designing your murals right away. With printolino, you don't have to download and install any software, but can easily start designing your pictures on the website. Select your category and off you go. However, you by no means have to make all the decisions on your own. Because we care about your satisfaction, we are happy to help you personally with any uncertainties you may have about substrates or image optimisation. Just get in touch with us and printolino will quickly and competently help you to stylishly stage your murals.