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Quality by conviction

We consider it our duty to achieve the best possible result for our clients and the images

Therefore, all image data is checked before printing. Should minor corrections be necessary or colour corrections lead to better results, we will edit your images free of charge. Should the quality of an image not be good according to our judgement, we will contact you and discuss the images with you by phone or contact you by mail. We do not print pictures simply so that it is printed - because we do not print "bad" pictures. We always want only the best for your pictures so that you can enjoy your new pictures for a long time.

We print our products with modern, colour-calibrated 12-colour plotters. All production steps are carefully carried out by hand by trained professionals. Our stretcher frames and shadow gap frames are assembled in our workshop and the canvas pictures are stretched by hand.

We source our materials from selected Swiss suppliers and maintain a friendly relationship with them based on partnership.

Colour management

Colour management is the key

Our great competence is that we have the colours of the printers under control. For us, colour management is the key to print in high quality.

To ensure that the colours of the images are printed exactly as they correspond to the image data, we regularly check our ICC print profiles.

We understand the imperative need for good colour management and for this reason we write a separate ICC print profile for each of our plotters, for each individual substrate and regularly recalibrate and check them. With the Barbieri Spectrophotometer and good RIP software and the necessary expertise, this can be checked and created. In the photo above you can see the Barbieri Spectrophotometer in action reading in the colour patches.

It is also part of good colour management that the monitors on which the images are created, processed and viewed are constantly checked and, if necessary, recalibrated.

If you are interested in this topic, one of the most important, please feel free to contact us. Perhaps we can give you some know-how along the way.

Your image data - requirements

File formats

With us you can upload JPG, TIFF as well as PNG. Our software supports these file formats without any problems, even with high data volumes.

We recommend that you always use the TIFF or PSD file formats when editing your images in Lightroom or Photoshop or similar programmes. When you have finished creating your image, save it once as JPG. This format is not lossless, but our years of experience can guarantee that there will be no visible loss of quality. In addition, you have a smaller amount of data and the upload is much faster.


What always surprises many customers is that we do not need 300 dpi resolution to print a good quality image. Numerous tests have shown us that there is no visible difference between 150 dpi and 300 dpi. Therefore, you can assume that even an image with a resolution of 120 dpi will produce perfect printing results. If the resolution of your image is insufficient (below 72 dpi), this will be indicated online in the order process with a red warning triangle. Otherwise, we will of course also contact you if you order an image with too low a resolution from us.

Working colour space

You can upload your image data to our website in RGB or also in CMYK colour space. Our RIP software can process all common colour spaces. The data is not automatically converted, but printed in the colour space in which you supply us with your data. Our 12-colour printers print both RGB and CMYK. We also take into account colour spaces such as sRGB, AdobeRGB, eciRGBV2, GreyGamma2.2, ... and print them in the corresponding colour spaces.

However, we recommend that you create the data in RGB! Because this colour space can reproduce more colours. Since with RGB only three colour channels have to be saved (red, green, blue), you also have a smaller amount of data and the upload is even faster.



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